Life Begins at 90

Life Begins at 90 Starring Margaret Ingham

A tiny glimpse into the vibrant life of 92 year old Margaret Ingham, my oldest - and dearest - friend. The film is based entirely around a recorded conversation between Margaret and I, where we talk about life, age, and motorbikes. 
This film forms the final outcome for my Leeds College of Art Foundation final major project, wherein I investigated, and attempted to find solutions for, the struggles faced by the elderly. In particular, I was concerned by the issue of loneliness amongst the elderly. My overall aim by interviewing Margaret - to emphasise the importance of maintaining relationships with those elderly friends of relatives, who are often so easily overlooked.
At the time of the film's making, Margaret had been moved temporarily to a residentia nursing home during a period of poor health. We talk a little about how the change has been in the film. It's important to remember that Margaret is in a fortunate position, able to afford this type of facility and with the support of friends around her. Others may be left incredibly vulnerable, without this support network.
Margaret has since recovered and has moved back home, where she feels most comfortable.
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